Our Poultry

Greyledge Farm raises Cornish Cross chickens and turkeys from day-old chicks. After being raised inside for three weeks until they are big enough, the birds are moved outdoors to our farm fields. Their only “pens” are large movable coops that protect them from predators in the evening. These coops are regularly wheeled to new sections of the pasture to provide access to fresh grass and a clean, natural environment. This rotational grazing is a much healthier and more humane approach that is far more labor intensive than most poultry farms; however, it defines best farm practice and allows us to provide our clients with true “free-range” chicken, as distinct from the much less rigorous standards that are used to define free range.

Our healthy, walking birds are slow-grown and allowed to feed in the pastures for nine to ten weeks. Their diet is supplemented our proprietary feed made from locally grown corn, soybeans and other natural grains, with no animal by-products. Free of antibiotics and steroids, the birds produce juicy, tender meat that is full of flavor without much dark meat. The poultry also has less cholesterol and more Omega-3, making it healthier and more nutritious.

Greyledge Farm chickens and turkeys are processed in a state-inspected processing plant, packaged in clear Cryovac packages and offered to our clients fresh or frozen, as our supply permits. Greyledge Farm Connecticut-grown poultry is prepared for our clients in several ways:

  • Whole
  • Halves
  • Split Breasts
  • Whole Chicken or Turkey, cut in pieces